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program cover,2006 as Jerry Lee Lewis in American Hot Wax, 2005 Cincy Bluesfest, 2006 w/ Mick Jagger, Ocean Way Studio, Hollywood c.1994 Liebnitz, Austria,2006Camus Distillery, Cognac, France, July, 2005 as Jerry Lee Lewis in American Hot Wax, 2005 Boogie Woogie great Bob Seeley from Detroit, Cincinnati,2004 Dinner at Axel's,Hamburg, 2005.Vince Weber,Axel Zwingenberger & EvaBig Joe Duskin, Cincinnati, 2004 Cincy Bluesfest, 2006 Cincy Bluesfest, 2003 Cincy Bluesfest, 2003 Cincy Bluesfest, 2003Liebnitz, Austria,2006  Arches Piano Stage, Cincy Bluesfest, 2004  duet w/ Axel Zwingenberger, Hamburg,  Oct. 2005Axel's shoes w/ Joe Cocker, c. 1997 Axel backstage, Nurenburg, Oct,2005 Arches Piano Stage, 2003  l. to r. - Rudy Blue Shoes, Mr. B, unknown, Ricky Nye, Bob Seeley, unknown, Rob Cody, Big Joe Duskin, Phil Lemming, unknown, Ann Rabson, Liz Pennock, unknown, Dr. Blues, Rob Rio Cincy Bluesfest, 2003 Arches Piano Stage, Cincy Bluesfest, 2004 Arches Piano Stage, Cincy Bluesfest, 2004 w/ Charles Brown backstage at Ojai Bluesfest, 1989Arches Piano Stage, Cincy Bluesfest, 2004 Cincinnati Boogie party, 2006 Cognac Bluesfest, 2005 onstage w/ the Mannish Boys, Cognac Bluesfest, 2005Cognac Bluesfest, 2005 longtime Revolver's saxman Eddie Synigal at Fabrik, Hamburg, 2005 Feinkost Royal, Austria, 2007 onstage w/ Joe Cocker, Eddie SynigalFeinkost Royal, Austria, 2007 Feinkost Royal, Austria, 2007 Feinkost Royal, Austria, 2007 Rob Rio, Freddie Johnson & Former Revolver's drummer Ron McRorey as aliens, Desert Hot Springs, c. 1989 Rob in drag, c. 1988longtime Revolver's bassman Freddie Johnson Feinkost Royal, Austria, 2007 Cincy Bluesfest, 2003 Gatemouth Brown, Cincinnati Bluesfest, 2003East Berlin,  Oct. 2005 Axel Zwingenberger, Hamburg, Oct. 2005 East Berlin,  Oct. 2005 Jay McShann, Cincinnati Boogie party, 2004 Jay McShann's handsJunior Watson, c. early 1990's Jay McShann's shoes longtime Revoler's guitarman Job Striles c. 1998 Job Striles, X-Mas, 2006 Job Striles, Orange County Jazz Fest 2004Rio's first blues band, the Kane Bros. Blues Band, 1975 Kid Ramos, Cognac, 2005 Mr. B, Cincy Boogie party, c.2004 onstage w/ Joe Cocker, c. 1995 Peter Burke, longtime Revolver's drummerPeter Burke,  New Year's, c. early 2000's early Revolvers at Loch Ness Pub, Pasadena c. 1989, Freddie Johnson (b), Michael J. (dms), Junior Watson (gtr) Rio Trio does Disneyland, c. late 1990's Rio subs for Ray Bryant, Nurenburg, Oct. 2005 Rudy Blue Shoes, Cincy Blues Fest, 2003The Revolvers c. 1997, Rio, Freddie Johnson, Peter Burke, Job Striles, Eddie Synigal The Revolvers, 1997, Freddie Johnson, Peter Burke, Rio, Eddie Synigal Rio w/Travelin' Shoes, Blue Note, Boulder, CO, c. 1980  Rio, T-5 Valladares (b, Skatterbrains), Larry (dms), Dave Gunders (gtr, Skatterbrains) Chuck Hughes (gtr, Chucky & the Cyclones, Hillbilly Hellcats) w/ Axel Zwingenberger, Ahrensberg, Germany, Aug. 2005backstage w/ Vince Weber & Axel Zwingenberger at Fabrik, Hamburg, Aug, 2005 duet w/ Big Joe Duskin, Ventura, Ca. c. early 1990's Arches Piano Stage, Cincy Blues Fest c. 1998, duet w/ Bob Seeley, Cincy boogie party, 2004 w/ Bob Seeley, Cincy boogie party, 2004 w/ Carl "Sonny" Leyland, 2003 w/ Charley Bootie, Bob Malone. 2004a young Rio w/ cousins Carmen & Clara, father Frank, c.1965w/ Floyd Dixon at Footies (note hanging shoes), Pasadena, CA. c.1986 w/ New Orleans great Henry Butler, Ojai, CA.,  1994 w/ Jay McShann, 2004 onstage w/ Jonny Johnson (Chuck Berry's longtime pianoman), Bob Seeley, Phil Lemming duet w/ Mr. B, 2004w/ Junior Watson, c. late 1980's w/ Lazy Lester, Utrech, Netherlands, 2000 w/ Lluis Coloma, Barcelona, Spain, Nov. 2006 w/ Austrian Martin Pyrker (far right), 2006 w/ Martin Schmidt & Vince Weber, Aug. 2005w/ Pinetop Perkins, July 2006 w/ Otis Taylor, Sir Oliver Mally at Chateau Hennesy, Cognac, July,2005 w/ Paul Butterfield in L.A. a few months before he died in 1987 backstage at Cincy Bluesfest w/ Ray Bryant & Pinetop PerkinsCharley Bootie, 2004 w/ Rand Chortkoff (far right), founder of Delta Groove Records, c. late 1980's w/ Red Allen (sax), Smokey Hormel (gtr), Ron McRorey (dr) in Hollywood, c.1991 w/ Freddie Johnson & Tulsa tubman Ron McRorey, late 1980'sw/ Roscoe Gordon, c. 1990 Roy Gaines, Tom Leavey, Rob Rio, Amsterdam, 2000 w/ Sir Oliver Mally, at Reigen, Vienna, Apr. 2006 w/ Tom Ball, Eddie Synigal, Bill Flores C. 1995w/ Vince Weber, Martin Schmidt, Fabrik, Hamburg, Aug., 2005 w/ Ze Bluetones, Cognac, July, 2005 at Monastario, Barcalona, Spain w/ Ivan Kovacevic on bass, Nov. 2006

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